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Cyclosaurus says:
David Mandelbaum, a bicycle commuter, is a pediatrician and
neurologist.  As such, he is very familiar with the serious
consequences of trauma, to the head or elsewhere.

He always wears a helmet; studies make it clear:
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  But HOW to NOT get hit by CARS?!

The 3-Foot Rule is nice in theory, but how to get cars to respect it?
After much tinkering with the design, including:
2-part construction so it will separate from
the bicycle, should it get stuck to something;
a flexible ‘noodle’ and swatter, so the bicycle
will not be jostled if the safety device is hit;
reflective stickers to improve visibility;
and a bicycle safety accessory,
the CAR SHOO,  was born!
To Dr. Mandelbaum’s surprise and delight, he found that instead of
ignoring him, cars were passing around him, even waiting behind
him until there was enough room on narrow streets to pass.
Is it elegant?  NO!
Is it effective? YES!


                          NO Car Shoo

Without the car shoo cars come to close to the bicycle.  This is not safe.

Yes Car Shoo        

With the car shoo cars stay at least 3 feet away from the bicyle.  This is safe.  It is like having your own bike lane.

“I liked the CAR SHOO so much, I created the company”

 David E. Mandelbaum, MD, PhD

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