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Make a slit on one end of the ‘noodle’ long enough
to fit over a horizontal bar on the back of your bicycle;
rack, back of seat, basket, etc.
Use the ‘hook and loop’ strip to attach the ‘noodle’ to the rack. 

No bike rack? No Problem!
Make a slit on both sides at one end of the  ‘noodle’
long enough to fit over the bike frame behind the seat.
Place the 'noodle' over the bike frame.
Tighten the open ends together with the ‘hook and loop’ strip.



Slip the handle of the fly swatter about 4 inches into
the end of the ‘noodle’ (the end with the reflective tape),
so that the 'foot' is vertical, allowing the reflective
sticker to be seen by cars approaching from behind.
(If the fly swatter gets loose in the ‘noodle’, put a rubber band
around the end of the ‘noodle’ to keep the fly swatter secure.)
Place the‘noodle’ on the back of the bike so that
the ‘noodle’ is sticking out to the left of the bike,
as you face forward, into the lane of traffic. 

(Do the reverse in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan or Australia.) 


The car shoo improves bicycle safetygi.  It will keep cars 3 feet away. It's like having your own bike lane.  With the car shoo you will not get hit by cars.

The total length of the Car Shoo is approximately 3 feet,
in keeping with the 3-Foot Rule.

The Car Shoo Solution

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